HAIgene for medical aid applications


The HAIgene range of products incorporate a biocide into the polyurethane which gives protection against a wide number of hospital acquired infections such as MRSA and C Difficile.

Can be applied to all grades of polyurethane but normally used with integral skin products



COUNTER STRiKE  footbeds

Built in odour control, anti fungal layer and   GEL TECHNOLOGY shock absorbing strike areas with low density PU foam


Multi layered products

Use of polyurethane with other plastic or natural products to encapsulate or laminate. Products such as wood encapsulation or ABS lamination for reinforcement with fixings or inserts moulded in.

Multi layered or multi density polyurethane products give the ability to incorporate more than one of the benefits of PU into the moulding - eg high wear areas where required and cushioning in other parts.

Special products
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